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Prevention is better than cure and if you have noticed that your Windows 10 PC is slowing down, having problems or otherwise full of important files, it is good to learn how to perform a backup and restore files in Windows 10. More precisely we will guide you in the creation and eventual restoration of one System image containing all your files and programs.

Later, we will see how to create a System Restore Disk in case your PC fails to boot by itself.

Preliminary information

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System image backup

A feature of Windows 10 allows you to create a special file containing the whole system and your data (documents, programs and so on). It is therefore possible to backup and restore files in Windows 10 in a very simple way, without having to be an expert!

It's called “System Image Backup” and you can start it by going to the Control Panel -> System and Security -> File History and, as shown in the images below, you can start the tool by clicking on the item at the bottom left:

At this point you will be faced with a screen similar to the following, from where all you have to do is select "Create system image"(Top left) and choose which media to save the system image:

You can choose between different storage media: yours Hard Disk interno to the PC or a external USB memory (hard drive), on some DVD (not recommended) or on one Cloud platform. However, bear in mind that the backup can also take up more than 200 GB!

Chosen the storage media to use, gone NEXT and select "Start backup“: Windows will take care of the rest! Simple isn't it?

System Restore Disk

Following a serious system error your PC may no longer be able to boot by itself. This is a symptom of missing or damaged important system files, and here's why create a System Restore disk it is of vital importance, and it is often advised to create it already when purchasing the PC.

In fact, the recovery disk contains recovery tools that guide you in troubleshooting and repairing system errors. To create it, follow the previous guide but, after selecting "System image backup" choose the item "Create a system repair disc"

At this point, all you have to do is insert a DVD RW (for safety, buy a 4.7 GB pair) and finally select "Create disc”Letting Windows do the rest!

How to reset Windows 10

Once you've made sure you have a Windows backup, if your PC is failing, it's time to perform a System Restore. To start restoring Windows 10, go to Settings and select the item "Update and Security"

On this screen then, go to the section "Restoration”And from the side screen that will open, under the heading Avvio Avanzato click on the button "Restart now”As shown in the images above.

The PC will restart in Recovery Mode, so select Troubleshooting -> Advanced Options -> System Image Recovery as below screenshot shown:

At this point you just have to follow the wizard to restore files in Windows 10. But what to do if your PC does not start?

In this case then, on the "Choose an option" screen, click on "Use a device”To boot the System Repair Disk you created earlier and troubleshoot startup problems in Windows.

Something wrong?

Were you able to complete the guide on backing up and restoring files in Windows 10? If something is unclear or you are having problems, feel free to leave a comment below and we will help you as soon as possible! In the meantime, here are some other guides that might be useful to you:

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