Cortana, here is the list of commands for Windows 10

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Tired of talking to Cortana for hours and hours, hoping she'll answer one of your questions? Here is the updateable list of everything you can ask, with grace of course!

As with any voice assistant, also for Cortana - just landed on Windows 10 - we expect that pinch of "personality" and "character" (if we can say so about a machine) that we are used to finding in the most famous voice assistants in circulation such as Siri for iOS, Svoice for Samsung , Google Now, or Cortana itself on Windows mobile. Who among you, then, has never tried to put these software in difficulty with cunning and irreverent questions or by testing their patience with who knows what requests? God only knows how many they have heard!

The fact is that those who have already updated their PC to the latest version of Windows will already be doing everything to put Cortana in trouble too; most of the time, the only thing the voice assistant will do is send you back to Bing to find what you asked for.

Today you will finally have answers to all (or almost) your questions, because they are shown below all commands imparted to our beloved Cortana… to which she will be happy to respond with grace and a lot of charisma, and without bothering Bing!

Preliminary information

We always recommend doing an installation through one 100% genuine and original license, this is to avoid data loss or hacker attacks. We are aware that purchasing a license on the Microsoft store has a high cost. For this we have selected for you Mr Key Shop, a reliable site with free assistance specialized in in your language, secure payments and shipping in seconds via email. You can check the reliability of this site by reading the many positive verified reviews. Windows 10 licenses are available on this store at very advantageous prices. Furthermore, if you want to upgrade to the latest versions of Windows operating systems, you can also purchase the upgrade to Windows 11. We remind you that if you have a genuine version of Windows 10, the upgrade to the new Windows 11 operating system will be free. Also on the store you can buy the various versions of Windows operating systems, Office packages and the best antivirus on the market.


  • How old are you?
  • Tell me a joke
  • Where are you from?


  • Call Giovanni at home
  • Call Silvio on speakerphone
  • Call Tommaso
  • Call Rina, home


  • Text dad
  • Send a message to Anna
  • Send SMS to Orazio Shall we have a coffee this afternoon?


  • Enter swimming on the calendar for tomorrow
  • Move the 15pm event to 00pm
  • What should I do next?
  • What's on this weekend?


  • Remind me to pick up the clothes from the laundry tomorrow
  • Remind me to give the plants water when I get home
  • Next time I'm at a grocery store, remind me to buy bananas (if Cortana isn't sure what you mean, she'll ask you)
  • When Giovanna calls, remind me to congratulate her on her new column
  • Remind me to call Luca when I leave work

Alarm clocks

  • Wake me up at 06:00
  • Set your alarm for 05:45
  • Turn off the 15:00 PM alarm
  • Wake me up in 20 minutes


  • Take note
  • Note: I parked the car on the 4th floor
  • Take note: find a book on birdwatching for dad's birthday


  • Play [artists]
  • Play
  • Start playing [song]
  • Let me hear jazz music
  • Play [album]
  • What song am I listening to?

Maps and directions

  • Give me the directions to get to Castello Sforzesco
  • Where I am?
  • How long does it take to get to the Duomo?
  • Show me a map of Via del Corso 123
  • How far is the Stelvio National Park?
  • How is the traffic on the way to work?

Places to go

  • Is there a Starbucks nearby?
  • Find a cheap pizzeria that's open now
  • Find recommended restaurants nearby
  • Is [Venue] open on weekends?


  • Will it rain this weekend?
  • It's cold outside?
  • How is the weather today?
  • What are the predictions for next week?
  • Is it hot in Dubai right now?


  • Who is the tallest woman in the world?
  • Who is the president of Portugal?
  • What is the capital of Qatar?


  • What is the status of Alaska Airlines flight 628?
  • Is Delta Airlines Flight 11 on time?


  • What are the latest NBA results?
  • Last result of Inter
  • When was Milan's last match?


  • Convert 60 euros to yen
  • How many pesos does one euro correspond to?
  • How much is a Nokia share worth?
  • How did the Asian markets fare?

Cortana, of course, is constantly evolving so it cannot be excluded that many other commands will be implemented, most of which will be suggested by us users…. that - I'm sure - we will need it more and more!

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