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Although the Mother's Day is already finished, the well-known site KeysWorlds wants to continue to offer its users this incredible promotion! You read it in the title, there is very little to add: by purchasing a Microsoft Office 2016 or Office 2019 license, the site will give you a free original Windows 10 license!

In short, a very tempting promotion especially for those who are assembling a new PC or have finally decided to update Windows to the new version! In fact, by formatting your PC, you will need one license to finish installing Windows 10 and then you can install Office to work on your documents.

Keysworlds: get two, pay for one!

La promotion of KeysWorlds, a well-known site that provides activation keys for many IT tools, was born on the occasion of the Mother's Day. But the promotion is so delicious that the site wanted to extend the validity period this week, so as to be able to give everyone the opportunity to seize this opportunity!

The promotion is very simple and sees Microsoft Office and Windows as protagonists: by purchasing a license of Office 2016, Office 2019 or Office 365, you will immediately get a Windows 10 license as a gift! There are several packages available in the promotion, which you can see in the image above and which we list below:

Packages on offer + Windows 10 FREE

Here is the list of packages included in the promotion. Choose the one that interests you most depending on the type of Office or Windows you are looking for:

  • Microsoft Office 2019 Professional+Windows 10 Professional -> €32.99

  • Microsoft Office 2019 Professional+Windows 10 Home -> €33.99

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional+Windows 10 Professional -> €18.49

  • Microsoft Office 2016 Professional+Windows 10 Home -> €18.99

  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Account+Windows 10 Professional -> €16.99

  • Microsoft Office 365 Professional Account+Windows 10 Home -> €17.99

This was therefore the promotion that saw Windows 10 as a gift, but currently on KeysWolds there are also other offers and discount codes active that we would like to show you, in case you do not need the aforementioned packages but only Office:

Office 2016/2019 a -50% (Coupon)

There are currently 1,2 billion users of Office. Microsoft has a wide range of work-oriented tools and services from anywhere, including your home, the so-called "Smart Working“, Which aims to simplify everyday life and work!

Using the special DISCOUNT CODE LIZ50, you will get an extra discount of 50% to take Office 2019 home to you at a great price. But be careful, the offer is valid for macOS system only!

  • Office 2019 Home and Business – MacOs -> €47.49

  • Office 2016 Home and Business – MacOs -> €30.00

  • Microsoft Project Professional 2019 -> €17.50

Similarly, if you are not looking for Office but only Windows, KeysWorlds has an offer dedicated only to this:

Windows 10 a -38% (Coupon)

If you are happy with your current version of Windows, you may be wondering why you want to upgrade. Windows 10 probably is the most stable and secure version of Windows that was ever released. It also includes several new features, including Microsoft Edge and Cortana, which can make its use more efficient and effective.

You can get Windows 10 right away at a great price by applying the DISCOUNT CODE TLIZ38 and getting an immediate discount of the 38% in the cart at the time of purchase:

  • Windows 10 Professional -> €8.67

  • Windows 10 Home -> €9.29

Keysworlds offers a simple and effective service with an automatic system to guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, and indeed you will receive your code to redeem in a few minutes by e-mail.

The site also offers simple payment methods safe and reliable such as PayPal, bank transfer, credit card or debit card and 24/24 customer service ( to ensure that you receive the right assistance whenever you need it.

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