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On the Web there are many sites that offer images in ISO format of the latest Microsoft operating systems: download Windows 10, Windows 8.1 or Windows 7 is relatively easy, just a careful Google search is enough. But if we fear that the sources are not reliable or you want to avoid visiting disreputable sites (and full of spam), just use our definitive guide.

Here we will collect all the links and methods for download Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7 disk images (ISO), in both 32-bit and 64-bit formats.

Download Windows

Microsoft Windows ISO Download Tool

To avoid turning on the Microsoft site unnecessarily (considering that the download links change every month), I recommend using a simple program for Windows capable of Downloading the Windows ISO for any version still supported by the Redmond company.

We download the tool for free from the following link.

DOWNLOAD | Microsoft Windows ISO Download Tool

NOTE: .NET Framework 4.6.1 (or higher) and Internet Explorer 11 are required on the operating system to start the tool.

Let's start the program just downloaded.

We choose in the side menu on the right what version of Windows to download.

Once the desired Windows version has been selected, an integrated page will open where you can choose which Windows to download and the installation language.

NOTE: there are also the IUpdated OS of Windows 10.

We press on Confirmation where prompted to get the desired links to download Windows. We will be able to copy and paste the links both from the page and from the program.

The newly copied links should be used in a web browser such as Google Chrome.

DOWNLOAD | Google Chrome

Through Microsoft program

We can alternatively use the Windows download tool offered by Microsoft itself and available in our official guide.

Official links

Alternatively we can rely on Microsoft links to download Windows without using external programs.

DOWNLOAD | Windows 10

DOWNLOAD | Windows 8.1

DOWNLOAD | Windows 7

Note: For official links, a valid and legal license to use is often required to start the download.

Licenses for Windows at € 30

Once the ISOs have been obtained, we will have to get the product keys to activate them on our machine. We can give it a try by purchasing the discount licenses on Kinguin, indicated in our dedicated guide: it starts from € 15.

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