How to enable Windows Hello in Windows 10

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Windows Hello is a feature created by Microsoft that allows you to log into your device with our biometric fingerprints or recognitions such as face, iris, voice or fingerprint.

This function it is present on Windows 10 but not on all devices. Windows has compiled a list of Hello compatible products and you can find it here. If yours is present, follow the following lines to activate the function.

Preliminary information

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Activate Windows Hello

The functionality, of course, is present within the settings. Then enter it through the start menu and then settings, or with the key combination Windows + i. Once inside go to the entry "account".

In the screen that opens, on the left side, you will have a series of submenus: you will have to go to access options. Among the various access options you will also find Hello but to use it you will need to enter an unlock PIN, if you have not already done so.

Then press on "configure" and follow the instructions to enable facial recognition or other types of access.

How is it more convenient to log in to Windows, typing the PIN or doing "cis"?

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