How to find out if Windows is installed in UEFI mode

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Windows is UEFI? How was the operating system installed on the PC?

These are two questions that very often users, for one reason or another, end up asking themselves especially after buying a hand-assembled PC or after sending it for technical assistance. In fact, unless you are talking about tablets, even if the computer is equipped with EFI firmware is you can still use the "old" BIOS mode us its partitioning scheme and cause the operating system to be installed in this way.

To remember: UEFI is the natural successor of the BIOS, in fact, the firmware that allows the peripherals and the operating system to be started.

Although the purpose has remained the same, the two mechanisms are very different from each other: UEFI allows navigation and settings management much more comfortable for the user, has support for the mouse (and in some cases also for the touchscreen) and, above all, in most cases it is able to connect to the internet and offer a real working environment for emergency operations.

Furthermore UEFI forces you to partition the system disk in GPT mode, unlike BIOS which required a disk formatted in MBR mode.

That said, let's find out if our Windows was installed in UEFI mode or in legacy mode (BIOS) with an extremely simple procedure!

Preliminary information

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Windows is UEFI? Here's how to find out

Open Cortana, the Start menu or the Start Screen and type the string in it


Wait for the appearance of the program "System Information”And click on it. If the search via Start / Cortana is not available, type the key combination WIN + R, write the same string in it and send.

Wait for the information to load and, once the summary appears, click on System resources in the left part of the window, and scroll the one to the right until you find the entry Bios mode (to simplify your life you can enter the search key in the appropriate box below).

Well, this is enough to understand if Windows is UEFI: if the item Legacy appears in the "Bios mode", it means that the system uses the BIOS mode to boot.

If UEFI appears instead, it means that Windows was installed using UEFI.

For further confirmation you can also check if the system disk is formatted in GPT or MBR: if it is GPT it means that Windows is UEFI on your PC, if it is MBR it means that Windows was installed in BIOS mode instead.

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